Vinicius De Antoni
Software Engineer


I like problems and using software engineering to solve them.

I am a generalist software engineer who have worked with both backend development (Web Server, RESTful services, Web applications, Cloud services for mobile clients and so on) and frontend applications (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, Android, WPF and Windows Forms).

Motivated and eager for knowledge, I am very interested in multi-threading, networking and distributed systems, and I also have passion for Games and Artificial Intelligence.


  • Object oriented analysis and development with Java and C#
  • C and C++
  • Javascript, jquery, nodejs, angularjs and phantomjs
  • Web development with HTML, CSS, PHP, Flex, ASP.Net, J2EE, Rails
  • Web Services development with WS-* standards/SOAP and REST
  • SQL (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • NoSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra)
  • Mobile applications for Android
  • Networking (HTTP, TCP, UDP)



Software Engineer
Irvine, CA - USA
March 2016 - Present

Working as Lead Engineer within Responsibilities:

  • Drive tech initiatives on Shop and Account Management.
  • Lead a team of 10 software engineers.
November 2014 - March 2016

Working as Software Engineer within Main contributions so far:

  • Designed and implemented a checkout workflow framework for an e-commerce web application, using Java and Spring.
  • Profiled distributed systems to improve performance under heavy load. I was able to get significant results by revisiting caching policies, fixing bugs and improving code base to be more scalable.
  • Integrated web applications to Splunkcloud and Appdynamics. Allowing developers to have access to real time logs, metrics and alarms.
Software Engineer
Seattle, WA - USA
August 2013 - October 2014

Worked as a Software Engineer with the Digital Software and Video Games team. Main contributions included:

  • Worked on the Amazon Instant Access (AIA) web services, implementing the API and the Java and PHP SDKs.
  • Implemented a web application available on the Amazon's developer portal, that allows vendors to create and test their profiles before start selling digital items. Backend developed with SpringMVC and frontend with angularjs.
October 2012 - August 2013

Worked as a Software Engineer on Silk, the Kindle Fire web browser. Main contributions:

  • Implemented a service using Javascript/PhantomJS to extract relevant images from any given URL. Those images are used as thumbnails for web pages.
  • Worked with the Slipstream team to enhance the browsing experience by delivering a lightweight and functional screenshot while the actual page is loaded on the background. Voted one of the brightest ideas of 2012
  • Implemented a tool that automates screenshot comparison using ImageMagick and Java to validate Slipstream screenshots.
Software Engineer
Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil
October 2010 - September 2012

Worked as a Software Engineer on HP ePrint Services (Cloud printing), main responsibilities included:

  • Design and development of a distributed solution for a location based search service with MongoDB and Node.js
  • Maintenance, bug fixing and add of new features on the REST API which is developed using JAVA and allows client applications to create print jobs on the cloud
  • Development of a client application for Android available on Android Market (HP ePrint Service)
  • Development of a off-ramp REST API and a web application that allows HP partners to release jobs.
  • Development of a administration portal with J2EE (Servlets/JSP and Struts 2)
July 2007 - October 2010

Worked as a Software Engineer on HP FutureSmart (integrated printer firmware and solutions platform). Main contributions were:

  • Design and implementation of an embedded HTTP server
  • WCF port for Compact .NET
  • Development of a MVC Web framework to support other teams
  • Development of Web Services with WCF
Software Engineer
Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil
October 2006 - July 2007

Worked as a consultant for various local companies. Main projects include:

  • Development of financial reports, interactive charts, CRUD pages by utilizing PHP, Javascript, C and Oracle
  • J2EE development, JSP, JSF, Spring MVC and Struts 2
  • ORM with JPA and Propel
Web Developer
Caxias Do Sul, RS - Brazil
June 2005 - December 2006

As a web developer I worked on the development of a attention management software in both server and client side. The application was implemented using PHP and a SQL Server database.

Web Developer
Caxias Do Sul, RS - Brazil
June 2005 - December 2006

Started as an intern and got a full time offer few months later. Main contributions were:

  • Designed and developed web sites by utilizing PHP, Javascript, Flash and MySQL
  • Integration of AJAX technology on existing applications
  • Cross-browser development


Master of Computer Science
Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil
2011 - 2014
Bachelor of Computer Science
Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil
2006 - 2010
Certificate program in Computer Science
Caxias Do Sul, RS - Brazil
2002 - 2004


Oracle: Java Standard Edition 5 Programmer Certified Professional
TS: Microsoft .NET Framework – Application Development Foundation



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